'Ir Yeruka' (Green City)- Platform


We have formed 'Green City' out of an enormous love for the city of Tel Aviv Yaffo. For the young people who live here and are only just discovering the city and for those who've been in love with it for years. A love for the neighborhoods, for the local businesses, for the mighty trees of this city, for the boulevards, for the local coffee shops, for the civil enterprises, for the fringe culture and for everything that is here and nowhere else. We have formed 'Green City' so that we, the residents, could be significant partners in the process of decisions making in this city and so that the municipality will invest more in the things that matter to us: in bike lanes and safer sidewalks, in excellent public transport, and a significant reduction of air pollution and quality urban spaces, parks and gardens.

We will work in order to make the municipality invest more in cleaning the city and recycling waste, in animal welfare, in local businesses, in reducing the housing cost and the living cost, in public education, in rehabilitating the south of Tel Aviv and Yaffo, in civil enterprises, in independent culture and in everything that can make Tel Aviv Yaffo into a truly green city. Because it's our lives.

1. Sustainable urban policy in all aspects of life in the city

'Green City' will make sure the municipality of Tel Aviv Yaffo will embrace long term thinking principles, and a world view that is holistic and sustainable in all aspects of urban policy: public transport, energy, water, sewage, waste, education, gardening, forestation and urban agriculture, sustainable tourism, clear water and clean beaches etc. We will insert and embed long term considerations into the city policy. This way the little problems could be solved before they turn into big problems, and will promote new solutions without leading to more problems in the future.

  • 'Carless life' vision - Leading a citywide reform which will lead to reducing the usage of private cars in the city and encourage walking, bike riding and public transportation.

  • 'Zero casualties' vision - The 'Zero car accidents casualties' vision is based on creating a total separation between motorized vehicles, bike riders and pedestrians by reshaping streets and roads to include elements that will reduce the risk of lethal road accidents.

  • 'Zero carbon city' vision - An emergency plan for air pollution reduction in the city, a transition into electric buses only, limitation on polluting vehicles entering into the city center, a transition onto 100% renewable energy that includes solar panels on all public buildings' rooftops and encouraging the residents to start using green energy.

  • 'Zero waste' vision - Tel Aviv Yaffo will join other cities of the world who define themselves as 'Zero waste city' and will plan a large scale transition in the end of which the city will no longer produce waste for burial.

  • 'City in the forest' vision - A transition from 'A forest in the city' into a 'City in the forest' includes: protection and preservation of ancient trees, 'Tree for each resident' plan- a significant amount of trees planted in the city- a number of trees as the number of residents, a massive formation of food forests and urban agriculture centers in public areas, yards and rooftops.

  • Radical democracy - Turning Tel Aviv Yaffo into a model city based on the principles of shared democracy. A city where there's a significant civil partnership and the residents are welcome to take part in deciding the municipal agenda.

  • Local sustainable economy - Developing and nurturing the local economy, strengthening small businesses and creating a local ecosystem in all branches of the city's economy.

  • Green investments - reinvesting public funds and municipal funds from polluting companies to valent, social and environmental investments.


2. Radical civil partnership and involvement

'Green City' will make sure that after 20 years of Huldai, Tel Aviv Yaffo will change attitude and start treating us, the residents, as equal and important partners in decision making processes.  

  • Promoting values of social and environmental justice as a compass to all municipal action.

  • Including the public and social organizations in the decision making processes.

  • Joint and coordinated work between the different section and departments of the city municipality and the residents.

  • A planning that involves residents through new inclusive methods.

  • Increasing the ability of the residents to influence planning processes from the start, not just the end.

  • Including the residents in determining the municipal budget.

  • Transparency in decision making processes in the municipal and its subsidiaries.

  • Encouraging civil initiatives for policy change.

  • Increasing the support of environmental and social organizations who work in Tel Aviv Yaffo.

  • Founding a supportive home and infrastructure for social and environmental organizations, animal rights and veganism organizations that work in Tel Aviv Yaffo.


3. An emergency plan to deal with the safety and transport crisis

'Green City' will lead the turning of Tel Aviv Yaffo into a city of safe sidewalks, excellent public transport and clean air. 'Green City' will strive for a solution to the air pollution that is raging the city so that a 1,000 people will stop dying of it yearly in this area. 'Green City' will lead a policy of 'Carless life' by encouraging walking in the city and preferring bikes and public transport over private cars. Organizing the separation between bike riders, pedestrians and cars.

  • An emergency plan to reduce the air pollution in the city - limiting the entrance of polluting vehicles into the city.

  • A transition to electric buses only.

  • Congestion toll to vehicles coming from outside the city.

  • Forming a municipal bus company that will support the reform for reducing the number of vehicles entering the city.

  • Promoting public transport on the weekends.

  • Reducing the number of car parks within the city.

  • A significant increase in the number of public transport lanes.

  • A significant increase of the quality and quantity of sidewalks and bike lanes and making them safer. Joining the existing bike lanes into continues grid.

  • Planning and executing infrastructures that allow for continuous walking and bike riding between the west part of the city and its east and between the north and south of it.

  • Adding parking spots for bikes.


4. Maintaining a responsible and sustainable planning while keeping an orderly administration

'Green City' in the municipality will lead a policy of sustainable planning while keeping the broad public interest. We guaranty to be the moral compass of the municipality and to always and in any situation guard the interest of the residents of this city.

  • The new construction in the city will be textured and will integrate multiple uses, the planning will be diverted towards the welfare of pedestrians, bike riders and public transport.

  • Supervision and cautioning over planning processes that will cause social and environmental damage, processes that are suspected of improper administration and capital-rule connections like in the cases of the Dolphinarium and Kikar Atarim.

  • Accessibility and transparency in planning with new, clear and cutting edge digital aids

  • The city's unique environmental character in construction must be kept at all costs. Therefore, construction must be limited to nine stories buildings with a commercial ground floor.

  • Exhausting construction possibilities within the limits of the built areas

  • Preserving the green lungs, parks and public areas from real estate threats at all costs.

  • Shading the urban space in gathering and waiting areas: public spaces, near pedestrian crossroads, bus stations, public transport terminals etc.

  • Promoting Tel Aviv Yaffo as part of the '100 resilient cities worldwide'- municipal preparation to climate crisis and other environmental extremity events that may occur in the near future.


5. Preserving ancient trees and ecological planning

In Tel Aviv Yaffo there are about 300,000 trees, half of them are in public areas and half in private ones. In actuality, in many cases, hundreds and thousands of ancient trees are being cut down and suffer aggressive trimming as a result of a lack of municipal policy to protect them.

  • Promoting a municipal plan to guard and protect ancient trees (tagging trees for preservation, splitting the position of municipal forests clerk from the position of head of the city visual improvements' office, transferring electric cables underground in sensitive areas to avoid aggressive trimming etc.)

  • We will lead a flexible planning when it comes to usage of grounds to enable protection to ancient trees, establishing public parks and food forests on spaces that were meant to be built on.

  • Protecting and preserving the ecological systems within the city limits: An integration that is both maximal and equal of open spaces, shading trees and sustainable and versatile vegetation all around the city.

  • Keeping the Yarkon stream and the beaches clean of waste and sewage, and a vigorous initiative to clean existing pollution.


6. Quality and diverse public education all around the city

Tel Aviv Yaffo must be a leader in education so that public education in the city will be much more diverse with higher quality so that children will not have to travel far outside the city or their neighborhood for school. So that all the public education up to 6 years old will be excellent and parents will not have to spend thousands of shekels out of their own pockets for private education.

  • Forming quality public education in every neighborhood in the south of the city, from kindergarten up to high school ages.

  • Adding personnel in toddlers' kindergartens.

  • Supporting local enterprises to form diverse education establishments.

  • Leading programs for children from 3 months old.

  • Education for civil and communal involvement.

  • Education for environmental values, society, dialogue and tolerance.

  • Encouraging educational innovation processes in existing schools in the city.


7. Eliminating the housing cost

In order to stop the housing cost escalating and the luxury towers that are pushing out the young people, renters and old residents, Tel Aviv Yaffo must:

  • Plan housing for middle class population, young people, students, young families and people who aren't rich.

  • Increase the stock of small apartments that are not luxury apartments.

  • Ensure by law that every city plan will force contractors to allocate 25% of new buildings to social housing: small apartments, long term rental apartments, affordable housing and public housing in a way that will not increase the price of housing but will decrease it.

  • Build social housing (affordable, public and rental) on city grounds and in substantial numbers in every neighborhood in the city.

  • Fight gentrification instead of encouraging and expanding it.


8. Dealing with the living cost in the city

Tel Aviv Yaffo is the ninth most expensive city in the world! More expensive than New York and Tokyo! 'Green City' will ensure control mechanisms in the city developing processes, and make sure that the developing of tourism will not come at the expanse of residents and sane urban life. 'Green City' will make sure that small and local businesses will have all the support they need to keep on operating.

  • Protecting and cultivating local and independent businesses.

  • Promoting a municipal plan for sustainable tourism and branding the city as a green city. Encouraging building of hotels, coffee shops and bars in all parts of the city not just the center.

  • Lowering the cost of housing and education to preserve the city's population heterogenic and diverse and to prevent the crowding out of residents outside the city (as shown in previous items).


9. A city of social justice

Tel Aviv Yaffo must be a more social and fair city. 'Green City' will make sure the municipality will stop ignoring the homeless crisis that only gets worse, as well as the growing prostitution industry in the south of the city and elsewhere. 'Green City' will strengthen the community feeling in the neighborhoods and will reduce the alienation in the city.

  • A fight against prostitution, 'discreet apartments' and strips clubs.

  • An emergency plan to deal with the increasing homeless crisis.

  • Canceling the evacuations from poor neighborhoods such as Giv'at Amal, Nes LaGoyim, Tel Kabir and Ha'Argazim.


10. Rehabilitating the south

Reducing the social gaps between the neighborhoods of the north and the south:

  • An emergency plan to deal with and solve the refugees crisis.

  • Closing down the new central bus station.

  • Funneling resources towards the south of the city to enhance infrastructures, education, health, welfare and culture.

  • Setting up quality public education facilities in every neighborhood in the south of the city from kindergarten age to high school (as shown in item 6 dealing with education)

  • Increasing the cleaning in the south of the city: forming a waste collection and disposal system in the south that is identical to the one in the north of the city.


11. Support and assist all the sections of the LGBTQA community

Tel Aviv Yaffo should be the leader in promoting the rights of LGBTQA people in Israel and not just of gay tourism and parades. The municipality needs to give support and assist services to all the people of the LGBTQA community, including the weakened groups, while ensuring their full rights.

  • Expending the support of LGBTQA organizations, especially those who aid weakened LGBTQA people against discrimination.

  • Increasing the support of organizations that deal with caring and rehabilitating prostitution survivors of the community.

  • Increasing support in projects that care for LGBTQA refugees.

  • Increasing support in projects that care for Arab LGBTQA people.

  • Improving infrastructures, lighting, and personal security in the south of the city, also for the LGBTQA members who live there.


12. Strengthening the neighborhoods- building urban communities

'Green City' is a city whose neighborhood are inviting to live in, that its public spaces are inviting for communal meetings, friendships, elderly neighborhood residents gatherings, for creating a strong, vibrant community and safe areas to meet, work, play and pass the time. It's a neighborhood that has a strong community that can dream and plan its own future, take responsibility for leading projects and form a neighborhood leadership that can work together with the municipality.

  • Creating quality places of meeting for the communities to use in events and meetings, to create 'communal spaces' in the neighborhoods in order to increase the sense of community, networking and closeness between the residents of the neighborhoods.

  • Doubling of the number of communal gardens and food forests and a significant strengthening of the program 'sustaining neighborhoods'- to include all the neighborhoods of the city.

  • Strengthening local businesses

  • Giving incentives and promoting infrastructures that will allow residents to work close to home

  • Supporting the formation of neighborhood leadership and assimilation of thinking processes and projects promoting on the community level.

  • Creating great infrastructures that allow spaces free of vehicles and enable social gatherings to strengthen the sense of community

13. Encouraging independent culture in the city

Apart from being the capital of culture and art of Israel, 'Green City' sees in Tel Aviv Yaffo an important and vibrant center for fringe culture and alternative art in Israel. Fringe culture has an enormous importance in the advanced and creative character of the city. 'Green City' will strive for the municipality to support and nurture the independent, creative and innovative culture of the city, and for the continuing work of independent artists and the prevention of pushing them out. 'Green City' will strive to promote:

  • Support of independent artists who promote alternative culture.

  • Support and budgeting of innovative projects in schools for arts (dance, theatre, music, plastic arts).

  • Long term independent projects that are working for the welfare of the public will be given benefits in property taxes, setting buildings for functioning, municipal supports.

  • A budgeted body will be formed to nurture the fringe culture's various aspects throughout the city.

  • In every major art project the municipality will promote a percentage of the income towards developing the fringe culture in Tel Aviv Yaffo.


14. Treating waste and recycling

'Green City' will strive to promote a quality waste management conspectus in all the neighborhoods, including those in the south of the city. We will work to strengthen the conspectus of separating waste accompanied by significant educating regarding recycling, reducing and reusing. 'Green City' will work to increase the percentage of separation at origin and reusing in the city.

  • Tel Aviv Yaffo will join the cities of the world that identify as 'Zero waste city' and will plan an extensive move in the end of which the city will no longer produce waste for burial.

  • Increasing the cleanliness of the streets.

  • Improving the waste clearing conspectus with a smart monitoring system.

  • Separating waste into three sections in every household in the city: packaging, organic waste and everything else.

  • Positioning recycling corners around the city for other sections: paper, plastic bottles, glass, electronics and clothes.

  • Adding green garbage cans (general waste) especially in the south and east parts of the city

  • Using the municipal tree trimming waste as a resource.

  • Operating a significant education and explanation program for cleaning, reducing consumption and increasing reusing and recycling.

  • Giving stimulants such as reduction in property taxes for neighborhoods and individuals who significantly reduce sewage going into the municipal system.

15. Nature and urban gardening

Assimilating ecological gardening approaches, including urban nature, gardens and food forests as part of the city's standard options and not just as local communal activities.

  • A network of ecological corridors that spreads all over the city to ensure a continuity of plants, trees and animal passages, those could be incorporated with bike lanes and walking lanes.

  • A transition from 'A forest in the city' into 'A city in the forest'- promoting the 'Tree for every resident' plan, planting of additional 150,000 trees around the city.

  • Rehabilitating and developing the Yarkon stream and the Yarkon park- a city relating to the steam.

16. Animals in the city

Animals in this city also deserve to live in a green city that takes care of the animals in its limits.

  • Additional investments in caring, assisting, rescue and welfare of stray animals' services.

  • Additional useful services such as quality dog parks.

  • Additional dialogue and partnership with the residents who take care of stray animals.

  • Closing down the last public petting zoos left in the city.

'Green City' embraces:

The treaty of localism and sustainability of 'HaTenua HaGedola' (The big movement).

Pride platform of the LGBTQA association.